Success Wins
Confidence and Success!

You can use the Buster one-handed training bat hitting off the tee (or live) and feel good by the time you finish, even if you have a miserable game.  You can take yourself and feel like you can come out tomorrow and do better. You can miss in baseball 70% of the time and be successfu ... Read More

The Buster Bat Company had great success at the Men's College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. Comments made in the batting cage were "Wow, this is sweet." to "This is like having a Coach in my hand." We observed players from age 5 through college with improvements after 5 swings. Coaches, parent ... Read More

The Latest Bat Batch Test
Santa brings A New Record for the Buster Bat

The Buster Bat Co uses college baseball players to batch test the bats. The players spare no mercy on power during the test(s). In December, the Heavy Bat completed a 25,000 hit cycle, with no efficiency lost. Now that's a hit! Read More